35 Writing Prompts About Monday

Despite what you might have heard from the adults in your life, Mondays aren’t horrible.

Mondays are simply what you make them; it’s all about having the right perspective and attitude.

Here, we think you should make the most of them!

Below, you’ll find a list of prompts about Mondays, beginnings, and starting new things.

Have fun and use your imagination—you might just gain a new appreciation for the first day of the school week. Remember to be creative and have fun!

How to Use These Prompts

Our versatile prompt lists are yours to use in whatever way works best for you. The intention is to get you to enjoy writing and have fun with it.

However, here are some ways you can use the list below if you need a little help getting started:

  • Assign a writing prompt for every day of the month, or one for each Monday of the school year (you get to pick what to do with the leftover prompts).
  • Print this list out so you have it handy. Close your eyes and point to a prompt.
  • Ask the person to your left which prompt you should use.

Monday? We’ve Got a Prompt For That!

  1. What is one way you can be a good friend this week?
  2. Write 2-4 paragraphs about your ideal Monday.
  3. What are you most looking forward to this week?
  4. What does a typical Monday morning look like in your house?
  5. What is a new skill or project you’ve started lately?
  6. What do you think your toys do when you leave for school on Monday morning?
  7. Write a poem about a rainy Monday.
  8. Choose 5 words related to Monday. Write a poem including these words.
  9. Write an acrostic poem using the word “Monday”.
  10. Write a story about a child whose Monday morning getting ready for school turns into an adventure.
  11. Write a story or poem about Monday using the following words: begin, lift, yellow, line
  12. What is one thing you know this week that you didn’t know last week?
  13. Write a story about a kid who missed the bus.
  14. Write a persuasive letter to your teacher or principal, asking them to start school later on Mondays.
  15. Write a story beginning with: The crack of the baseball bat rang through the stadium…
  16. If you could rearrange your school schedule for the entire week while still keeping your usual subjects, what would it look like?
  17. How can you be the best version of yourself this week?
  18. Write a story where a Monday morning sick in bed that turns into something very different.
  19. Would you rather miss Monday or Friday at school? Why?
  20. Write a story or poem about Monday using the following words: sock, umbrella, staple, pancake
  21. Do you have any activities after school on Mondays?
  22. Write a story about a Monday morning during summer break.
  23. Pretend you are a teenager. Write about your Monday morning.
  24. Why do you think some people dislike Mondays so much?
  25. How can you be helpful at home this week?
  26. Write a story beginning with: Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if…
  27. Write a story or poem about Monday using the following words: paper, smile, ball, sky
  28. How do you feel about Mondays? What do you think makes you feel this way?
  29. Write a poem about a calm Monday evening.
  30. Rewrite the beginning of your favorite book.
  31. What is something you want to start improving?
  32. If you could start a club, what would it be for? Who would you hope would join?
  33. What is one habit you could start that would make your mornings easier?
  34.  If you could start your day by listening to any song, which song would you pick? Why?
  35. Write a story or poem about Monday using the following words: lunch, measure, pop, spell

Looking for More?

We’ve got a ton of fun writing prompts and activities if you’re looking for more ways to challenge your mind and fuel your creativity.

We’ve also got resources for teachers, parents, and guardians—which means there’s something for everyone.

If you are looking for a specific activity or subject but can’t find it, reach out and let us know. We love to hear all of your creative ideas!