43 March Writing Prompts

March is often thought of as the beginning of spring and the start of the growing season. 

Grow your writing skills by engaging your students or yourself with fun writing prompts about things that have to do with March. 

These are interesting, fun, and provide diverse things to think and write about. Hopefully, these will get the creativity flowing and some terrific results can be achieved.

How to Use the Prompts

There are several ways to use the prompts.

You can simply assign them to students or you can number clover 1-43 and have students choose one and therefore the prompt corresponding to the number. 

You could even use a system that rewards kids for choosing harder prompts.

Have some fun with it. 

The prompts:

  1. Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2nd. Write a story in the style of a Dr. Seuss book.
  2. Write a letter to Dr. Seuss about which of his books is your favorite and why.
  3. You’re invited to Dr. Seuss’s birthday party. Write a story about what the party is like and what happened.
  4. If you were the Cat in the Hat, describe the next adventure you would go on,
  5. Write a story about spending the day with Dr. Seuss, and describe it in detail.
  6. Write a story that starts with: “The day I found the end of the rainbow, I learned that…”
  7. Write a story about good luck.
  8. Describe what it would be like to meet a leprechaun.
  9. What would you do with an entire pot of gold?
  10. Write a story that starts with: “I like March because…”
  11. Write a story about bad luck.
  12. Write a story starting: “When I kissed the Blarney Stone, I started…”
  13. Write a story about spending a day with a leprechaun.
  14. Pick your favorite green thing and write a story about it.
  15. Spring training starts this month. Write a story about baseball.
  16. Describe your favorite thing about spring.
  17. It’s a perfect spring day, Write a story describing what you would do on such a perfect day.
  18. Money is green: describe what you would buy if money was not a limiting factor.
  19. Imagine finding a four-leaf clover and write a story about what happens next.
  20. What would you keep at the end of a rainbow?
  21. Write a story about a leprechaun trying to fit in with regular people.
  22. Write a story with a lamb as the main character.
  23. Write a story where the main character is a lion
  24. Write a story where a lion and a lamb are best friends.
  25. What is your favorite green food and why?
  26. If there were a place at the end of the rainbow what would it be like? Describe it in detail.
  27. Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday is in March. What is your favorite invention?
  28. Describe something you would invent. What would it do, how would it do it, and why?
  29. Write an acrostic poem using MARCH.
  30. What do you look forward to the most in March? Why?
  31. Describe your favorite March activity.
  32. What would you do if you could catch a leprechaun? Why?
  33. It’s women’s history month. Write about a woman who inspires you. They can be real or imagined, alive or dead, as long as they are inspiring.
  34. Write a story that begins: “That was the day I decided that green…”
  35. Write a story about a green alien who tries to hide his color.
  36. Tell how you feel about the color green. Can you work those feelings into a story?
  37. If you had a pot of gold, what would you do with it?  
  38. Write a story beginning with: “That was the last straw! I can’t even believe…”
  39. Write about a time you were green with envy.
  40. Describe what happens when a leprechaun gets home from a long day at work.
  41. Describe another place a leprechaun would hide his pot of gold besides a rainbow.
  42. What do leprechauns do at work? Describe what you think.
  43. Write a story about Ireland. Anything goes as long as it involves the Irish Isle.

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