47 Writing Prompts About January

My boots crunched through the snow as I walked down the sidewalk, the chilly air biting at my nose. I turned the corner and there it was, finally—the nice, warm library.

Creative writing is a wonderful way to express yourself. Whether you’re crafting poetry or writing short stories, practicing this skill will keep your mind sharp (even as your pencil dulls).

Below, you’ll find a list of writing prompts covering all things January. Pick a prompt or two, and have fun!

Using This Guide

Just like our other writing prompt lists, this guide is yours to use as you wish. But if you’re not quite sure how to get started, try one of these tips:

  • If you live somewhere snowy, count the number of snowmen on your street. Use that number to pick your prompt.
  • Tally the number of cold days you’ve had in the past month. Use that number to pick your prompt.
  • Close your eyes and pick a prompt at random.

Time to Get Writing!

  1. What’s your favorite thing about January?
  2. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? What were they?
  3. Write a poem or short story using the following words: sun, crunch, new, wonder
  4. What did you do over winter break?
  5. January 13 is National Rubber Ducky Day. Write a story about a rubber duck who floats its way into an adventure.
  6. What is your favorite thing to do when it’s too cold to play outside?
  7. Write a letter to your favorite person born in January.
  8. Write a poem about new beginnings.
  9. Write a story about a snowball fight—but the snow is ice cream!
  10. Lewis Carrol’s birthday is January 27. What do you imagine a day in Wonderland would be like?
  11. How does Martin Luther King Jr. inspire you?
  12. What was the best thing that happened to you last year?
  13. Write a silly story from the point of view of a penguin.
  14. Ellis Island opened on January 1, 1892. Write a journal entry from the point of view of an immigrant.
  15. Write a short story about a child who wakes up to discover that their school is having a snow day.
  16. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
  17. Are you starting a new afterschool activity this month? What is it?
  18. Write a story about playing in the snow, using as many onomatopoeias as you can.
  19. Write a short story or poem using the following words: yes, slide, ticket, under
  20. Would you rather spend winter at the beach or in the snow? Why?
  21. What is your favorite family tradition?
  22. What color does January remind you of? Why?
  23. Just like snowflakes, we are all unique. Write about something that makes you different.
  24. Describe the weather today using as much detail as you can.
  25. What is one challenge you overcame last year?
  26. Write a winter adventure set in Minecraft.
  27. Step outside and write about the first thing you see.
  28. Describe your perfect ice cream sundae.
  29. How can you help your community this year?
  30. Write a poem about winter using all of your senses.
  31. How can you be a better student this year?
  32. Write a story about a kid who wakes up on New Year’s Day only to realize it’s the beginning of last year.
  33. Do you enjoy watching the Winter Olympics? What is your favorite event?
  34. Create a recipe for the best hot chocolate you can imagine.
  35. Sir Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643. Write a story about a kid who was suddenly unaffected by gravity.
  36. You and your friends are playing in a snowy forest when you discover a cabin. What do you do next?
  37. Write about someone who inspires you.
  38. Write about the last dream you remember.
  39. How can you be a better friend this year?
  40. Write a letter to yourself at the end of this year.
  41. How different would life be if humans hibernated?
  42. Describe the coldest day you can remember.
  43. Do you prefer mittens or gloves? Why?
  44. What is your favorite thing to read on cold winter days?
  45. How did you spend New Year’s Eve?
  46. What are three things about yourself that you wish people knew?
  47. Do you collect anything special?

Looking For More?

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