43 Writing Prompts about Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most well-known former presidents.

His fame and his legacy have extended into our present time, and we remember him well as Honest Abe.

His virtuous personality and important legislation have shaped the United States into the country that it is today, and he continues to inspire.

Let the legacy of Lincoln inspire your students to put pen to paper and write with these writing prompts.

How to Use the Prompts

There are quite a few ways to let your students decide the prompts they write about.

You could use them on a specified day of the week as the weekly prompt.

You could also have students in pairs choose a prompt for their partner.

Or you could roll a few dice and assign the prompt that matches the number on the dice. 

Lincoln Writing Prompts

  1. What legacy did Lincoln leave for himself? Describe three ways he impacted the future of the United States.
  2. Start a short story with: “When I met Abraham Lincoln…” and describe what it would have been like to meet the President.
  3. What made Lincoln so important that he got a monument in Washington D.C.?
  4. Do you know anything about John Wilkes Booth? What is remembered about the man who killed Lincoln?
  5. Do you believe that without Lincoln, the United States would be different today? How? Why?
  6. Was President Lincoln respected in his time? Why or why not?
  7. Do you think it was easier or harder to be President now or when Lincoln was elected? How so?
  8. Describe why being known as “Honest Abe Lincoln” helped the President?
  9. Start a story with: “Abraham Lincoln was known for his honesty and so am I known for…”
  10. Write a story about a day in the life of President Lincoln’s pet sheep.
  11. What is the hardest part about being the President? Why?
  12. Write about what would happen in Lincoln were brought from the past into our time. What do you think would happen?
  13. Can you imagine what would have happened had the Civil War ended differently?
  14. Describe the most important thing you believe Lincoln did and why.
  15. Is it fair to compare Presidents? Are some better than others? Why?
  16. Mrs. Lincoln is having a dinner party. Who are three people, dead or alive, whom you would like to see having dinner with Lincoln? Describe your thought process.
  17. Why is it important to remember everything a President did and not just the good things?
  18. Do you think Lincoln was noble? Define noble and explain your answer.
  19. Mrs. Lincoln is remembered as a little crazy. Do you think this affected Lincoln’s presidency?
  20. Describe a day in the life of President Lincoln from his perspective.
  21. Can you write a story imagining what living in a log cabin would be like?
  22. Write a story as a member of the audience at Ford’s Theater.
  23. Lincoln is defined by his Presidency. Describe what defines you.
  24. Is there a quality that Lincoln had that you would like? What is it and why?
  25. What is the hardest part about being honest all the time?
  26. What about the Gettysburg Address makes it so memorable to you?
  27. Write a story as Abe Lincoln’s stovepipe hat. 
  28. If you were president, what would be the first thing you did?
  29. Write a story as if you switched places with Lincoln for a day.
  30. Who is your favorite President and why?
  31. What made Lincoln a leader who people wanted to follow?
  32. What do you like best about Lincoln? Why? 
  33. Why is the Presidency so important?
  34. Who would you nominate for President? Why?
  35. Do you think anyone could be a president like Lincoln ever again?
  36. Compare and Contrast Lincoln with another president.
  37. What is unique about Lincoln’s education? Why would it have been hard for him?
  38. Write a story as Lincoln’s childhood friend.
  39. Create a story about Lincoln’s day before going to Ford’s Theater.
  40. Do you think John Wilkes Booth got a bad wrap?
  41. Does Abe Lincoln represent American values? Why or why not?
  42. Create a poem about Lincoln.
  43. Use Lincoln and write an acrostic poem.

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