31 Writing Prompts About December

December truly can be the most wonderful time of the year. 

It is also the most wonderful time of year for a list of creative writing prompts, as it provides endless opportunities for expanding your vocabulary and getting those creative thoughts on paper. 

Whether it is how you celebrate or simply the joy of a snowy season, these prompts will help your students embrace the best things about December in writing.

How to Use These Prompts 

Whether you simply let everyone choose their favorite prompt, or pick numbers out of a hat to assign the prompts, these will provide a great way to get creatively writing.

Try assigning one for every day in the month of December and enjoy the creativity that comes back!

The Prompts

  1. Describe your version of a winter wonderland.
  2. What is your favorite thing about December?
  3. Do you celebrate anything special in December? 
  4. What is your favorite song about winter? Can you make up a new song?
  5. What would happen if a polar bear came to stay at your house in the winter?
  6. Do you believe that elves are real? Describe what they would be like if you met one. 
  7. How do you plan for the new year in December?
  8. Describe an epic snowball fight?  Who is in it?  Who wins?
  9. Make up a story about the origins of a holiday tradition.
  10. What makes December special to you? Why?
  11. Do you see anyone special in December but not any other time of year? What would happen if you saw them in a different month instead?
  12. Create a story about a perfect December day? Describe everything you can think of about it.
  13. Create a new holiday for the month of December.  Name your holiday and give it an origin.
  14. Is it cold where you live?  Does that affect how you feel about December?  What would happen if the seasons were opposite, and it was warm for the whole month?
  15. Can you describe your favorite holiday gift?  Why is it your favorite?  What makes it special?
  16. What is the most special part of December to you? Describe how that became your favorite.
  17. Write a winter poem.  Use the best, most descriptive words you can think of. 
  18. Write any kind of story you can think of about snow.  Be creative, it can be about anything you want as long as it is related to snow.
  19. If it is warm where you live in December, describe what you imagine December being like in a really cold place.
  20. What if penguins (or some other animal who live in the cold) came to your house for the entire month of December? What problems might that create for you and your family?
  21. Describe the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in December? What makes it so embarrassing? 
  22. What is the best thing about the winter? What makes it that way for you?
  23. Do you travel in December?  Where do you go? Why?  Is there somewhere else you would like to go instead?
  24. Describe a special food that you only eat in the winter? Is it hot or cold?  What makes it so good to you?
  25. Pick your favorite winter or holiday story and use your imagination to think up a really awesome sequel to that story.
  26. How does your family prepare for the winter and the holidays you celebrate?  Can you pick a single thing you like the best? Why?
  27. December is a really busy month for a lot of people.  Write a story about the hustle and bustle of the season and what you like about it the most.
  28. What do you do over winter break from school? What is your favorite thing to do?
  29. Do you build a snowman in December?  Write a story about a snowman that is a new twist on that old, familiar one we all know.
  30. If you give or receive gift in December, what was your favorite gift you have ever gotten, and what was the best gift you have ever gotten?
  31. Is there anything that you would change about winter?  What is it?  Describe exactly how you would change it in detail.

In Need of More?

There are plenty more resources like this list of writing prompts to be found on our website.  Inspire a few young writers to get creative with words and let us know how you did. 

If you have any resources that you think we should know about feel free to drop us a line!