31 Writing Prompts about August

For many, August is the time to return to school and get ready for fall to begin.

It is the last summer month with many things worth celebrating.

With the hottest months of the year typically behind us, August means welcoming the peaceful time of year before the holidays begin in the following months.

How to use these prompts:

These prompts are intended to get your brain thinking and then writing creatively.

The best part about these prompts is that there is no right or wrong way to tackle them!

You can pick your favorite one and start writing as much as you can, or you can move down the list and write one answer per day. All you have to do is get writing!

The prompts:

  1. What does August mean to you?
  2. If August was a person, what would they be like?
  3. Why do you think there are 31 days in August?
  4. Where do you think the name August came from?
  5. Invent a character named August. What are they doing during the month of August?
  6. Why do you think August is always the eighth month of the year?
  7. Is August usually hot or cold where you live?
  8. If August was a smell, what would it be?
  9. What are your favorite August activities? (back to school shopping, camping, etc.)
  10. August is typically when students return to school. Are you excited to be back in school? Why or why not?
  11. August 9th is Book Lovers Day. What is your favorite book and why?
  12. If August was a sound, what do you think it would be?
  13. What is your favorite food to eat during the month of August?
  14. What makes the month of August special to you?
  15. Do you know anyone who has a birthday in August? Write about them. If not, pretend your birthday is in August and write about throwing yourself a party.
  16. How is August different from other months like, say, January?
  17. The first Sunday in August is National Friendship Day. Write a letter to a friend and tell them how grateful you are for their friendship.  
  18. Why do you think some months, like August, have 31 days, where others have 30? (Or even 28 like February?)
  19. August’s birthstone is the peridot, an olive-colored gem. Do you think this gem fits with August? Why or why not?
  20. The 21st of August is Poet’s Day. Write a poem about the month of August. Do you consider yourself a poet? Why or why not?
  21. Would you rather have it be August all year round or never have the month of August?
  22. Write a story about when it snows in August.
  23. What type of clothing and accessories do you wear in the month of August? (sunglasses, shorts, etc.)
  24. What things happen in August that you are grateful for? (nice weather, going back to school, etc.)
  25. If August was an animal, which animal would it be and why?
  26. Would you like to get married in the month of August? Why or why not?
  27. Write about what you will be doing next August.
  28. Try to explain the month of August to an alien that has never been to earth before.
  29. Would you rather go to the beach or to the mountains in August? Why?
  30. August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day. Do you believe in the tooth fairy? Why or why not?
  31. Invent a holiday for the month of August (like Thanksgiving in November) and write about it. What are you celebrating and how?

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