12 Writing Prompts about Fear

Fear is something which obviously plays a part in all of our lives, to varying degrees.

While it can help keep us from injury or worse, it can certainly also hold us back at times from making our dreams a reality.

So let’s take a moment to explore what fear is, how it can help us – and hinder us – and delve into the darkness for some wonderful inspiration for our writing.

How to use these writing prompts?

  • Try picking one prompt at random – choose a number between 1 and 12 (before looking below!)
  • Side note – did you know that Google actually has a random number generator built into its search engine. Just do a Google search for “random number” if you’d like to try it.
  • Try writing one piece of a given word count per day for an entire week. You will be a better writer for it. (As will your students if you’re directing them to do the same).
  • Try writing an introspective piece about one of the topics, going deep into your memories and experiences and trying to come out the other side more enlightened through your writing.
  • Or alternatively, try creating a fictional story using one of the below writing prompts about fear as your guiding light.

The Prompts:

  1. What is the purpose of fear? How do you think it has played a part in human evolution?
  2. Many people are fearful of change in their life. A new school or a new job for example. How can you overcome these sorts of fears?
  3. Is having some fear while doing an extreme sport like rock climbing a good thing? Why?
  4. Have you ever looked back at something you were fearful of in the past, and find it unbelievable (or even funny) that you had that fear?
  5. Have you ever helped someone overcome their fear of something? How did that make you feel? How do you think the other person felt?
  6. What do you think being controlled by your fears will do to your quality of life?
  7. What is one simple thing you can do to help you overcome fears that are holding you back?
  8. Can fear ever be a good thing? Explain.
  9. How might fear as a small child differ from fear as an old person?
  10. How do you feel when you have overcome your fear of something?
  11. Why do many people have a fear of speaking to large groups of people? How might they get past that type of fear?
  12. Is fear always based on reality? Or are fears sometimes created by our minds for no good reason? Explain.

Want more prompts?

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Matt & Hayley