12 Writing Prompts about Music

Every one of us I’m sure knows immediately what music means to us, when asked the question – even if our answer might change as we reflect some more on it.

And the same can be said about the art of making music.

Of course, music absolutely means very different things to different people – which is one of the most interesting aspects of how it has come to be virtually everywhere across the planet for as long as humans have gathered together it seems.

So today we’re going to take a moment to combine the power of music and what it means, and the creative art of writing. Powerful inspiration is a wonderful thing, so let’s think about our musical memories and connections, and uncover what we each understand about music and its place in our lives.

How should I use these Prompts?

Writing prompts like these can be used in all sorts of ways.

  • Try reading through the list until you get to one which IMMEDIATELY triggers a strong memory, opinion or idea. Take that prompt and write 1000 words on the topic to delve into all the aspects you can think of about it.
  • Pick out a random prompt, and write everything you can about it in 5 minutes.
  • Try a “write every day for a week” challenge! Take one new prompt each day and write a short story of a few thousand words about the topic. You (or your students) will definitely be better writers for the experience!
  • Give each student the freedom to choose two prompts they like, and work them into either a short story, or a journal type piece from their own perspective.
  • Take a selected prompt and answer the prompts question as thoughtfully as you can.

Here are the 12 Writing Prompts about Music:

  1. How long have humans been making music? Why do you think humans were drawn to singing and music before instruments even existed?
  2. How does listening to a song that you love make you feel?
  3. What is your best musical memory so far in life?
  4. Have you ever had a musical jam session with friends, where you each play along without a prior plan, and just enjoy the organic flow of the music being created? Describe what it feels like and how it is different to playing a written piece of music.
  5. Do you think famous musicians or singers were instantly amazing from the first time they tried? Or did they put in huge amounts of time and practice to develop their skills and talents? Describe how that process and passion around a skill can take shape over years.
  6. What emotions can music invoke in someone listening to it? How is it that music can invoke strong emotions?
  7. Do any other species other than humans enjoy making music and songs?
  8. What major event would be much worse if music was removed, and why?
  9. If an alien from another planet landed in front of you, what song would you play for them to help them understand humanity?
  10. What impact has music had on you throughout your life?
  11. Do you most enjoy making music or listening to music? Why?
  12. Listening to music has involved many types of technology over the years – radio, vinyl records, cassette tapes, compact discs, streaming services like Spotify and so on. The newer methods have often replaced the older very quickly once invented. Where do you imagine that music will go in the future?

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