33 Writing Prompts about Luck

Plenty of students hold onto a lucky object. Maybe it’s a rabbit’s foot that they carry (ew!), or a special pair of socks to wear on test day. Either way, they know the panic that happens if they forget their lucky object!

It’s something they might feel, but how often do they actually know what luck is and what it means to be lucky?

The truth is that every culture has some form of belief about luck, but it can still be difficult to define. So, it’s important for students to understand what luck is, why people believe in luck, and how much they can rely on luck in their daily lives.

How To Use These Prompts About Luck

There are different ways to use these writing prompts.

Students can either use them to write out one or several responses by themselves, allowing for quiet contemplation about the topic, or they can answer them in a group setting.

This group discussion will allow for students to better understand ideas that may be different from their own.

One prompt can be used a day, allowing for the unit to extend over a period of time, or several prompts can be taken on at once. This allows so flexibility, based on whatever else the class may need to accomplish.

The 33 Prompts:

  1. How would you define luck?
  2. What does it mean to be unlucky?
  3. Are you a lucky or unlucky person? How do you know?
  4. Some people say it’s better to be lucky than good. What does this mean? Do you agree with it?
  5. Can you think of a time in your life when you were lucky? What happened?
  6. How does being lucky make you feel? Why?
  7. Who is the luckiest person you know? Why?
  8. Samuel Goldwyn and Thomas Jefferson are among the people who may have said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” What does this saying mean?
  9. Can you create your own luck? How?
  10. Leprechauns are mythical creatures known for being lucky. Why do you think they’re so lucky, and how does it help them?
  11. Are you an unlucky person? How do you know?
  12. Some people believe in lucky numbers. Do you? Why or why not? 
  13. What are some good luck charms in your life? How did they become good luck charms?
  14. Do you consider believing in luck to be superstitious? Why or why not?
  15. The number 13 is considered to be an unlucky number. Do you know why, or do you avoid the number 13 for any reason?
  16. Have you ever seen a black cat? Did anything unlucky happen to you?
  17. Is it possible to create your own luck? If so, how?
  18. Different cultures consider certain animals to be lucky or unlucky. Why do you think this is, and can you name some of those animals?
  19. Do you like games that you win by being lucky or skilled? Why?
  20. Have you ever been unprepared in school, but gotten lucky and succeeded anyway? If so, what happened? Is this a good way to go through school?
  21. Can you affect luck as it is occurring? How would you do so?
  22. Four leaf clover are seen as lucky. Do you know why? Have you ever found a four leaf clover?
  23. One object commonly seen as good luck is a face up penny. Have you ever found one? If so, were you lucky after finding it?
  24. Is luck real? Or is it just an excuse we use for different things that happen? Defend your answer.
  25. Does money make someone lucky? Why or why not?
  26. What is one lucky thing you would like to have happen to you? Why?
  27. What is an unlucky thing that happened to you? How do you know that it was caused by bad luck?
  28. What does the phrase, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck” mean?
  29. Does being positive relate to being lucky? Why?
  30. What are some reasons a person may be luckier than others?
  31. What are some superstitions around luck that you believe in? Why do you believe those?
  32. Can not getting what you want actually be lucky? How?
  33. What characters from books and movies are lucky? How do you know? Do you like these characters?

Wanting to do some more writing?

Inspiration comes in many forms – try a wide range! Have some prompts about winter, summer, and the past. Enjoy.

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