35 Writing Prompts about the Ocean

The ocean is a magnificent part of nature, and covers a majority of our planet.

The ocean water can be cool or warm, depending on where in the world you are. While the tide flows in and out, many creatures live in the levels beneath the waves.

Our world is hugely impacted by the ocean.

We use the ocean to travel and transportation, for recreation, and it is also a home for unique wildlife. We can learn so much from the ocean, and write even more about it!

How To Make The Most of These Prompts:

The following prompts are great jumping-off points to get your brain thinking and writing.

Sometimes the blank page can seem so daunting, and having a prompt can help you get started, and the writing should start to flow more easily.

Get ready to wave goodbye to writer’s block, because our prompts are a shore thing! 😉

35 Prompts About The Ocean:

  1. Which ocean is your favorite?
  2. What underwater creature would you most like to be?
  3. What would life be like if all humans lived in the ocean?
  4. What is your favorite ocean activity? (snorkeling, swimming, etc.)
  5. Write about your first time at the ocean. If you haven’t been, write about what you think it would be like.
  6. What can we do to stop polluting our oceans?
  7. How many animals do you think live in the ocean?
  8. Where do you think the word “ocean” came from?
  9. Do you think earth is the only planet with oceans?
  10. Do you think the oceans were always here? Why or why not?
  11. How does the ocean make you feel? Why?
  12. What smells do you associate with the ocean?
  13. What sounds do you associate with the ocean?
  14. Describe your perfect day at the beach visiting the ocean.
  15. Write a story about a mermaid you encounter living in the ocean.
  16. If the ocean was a human being, what would they be like?
  17. What do you think is at the very bottom of the ocean?
  18. Write about what life as a tiny fish or plankton in the ocean would be like.
  19. Write about finding a shipwrecked boat that washed ashore.
  20. Why do you think the ocean is so salty?
  21. How is the ocean different from a lake or river?
  22. What do you think sand is made of? How can we know?
  23. How many whales do you think live in the ocean?
  24. How do you think waves are created in the ocean?
  25. Beaches on the ocean are usually seen as warm and sunny, but there are also cold-weather beaches. Which do you prefer and why?
  26. How is the ocean different from a pool?
  27. How deep do you think the ocean is? What would you use to measure it?
  28. Do you think all the animals in the ocean get along? Why or why not?
  29. Why do you think seashells wash up on the shore?
  30. Write about what you think the term “ocean-eyes” means.
  31. Write about a day in the life of an electric eel.
  32. The blue whale is the largest mammal in the world, and it lives underwater! Write a story about a day in the life of the oldest blue whale.
  33. Would you rather be a dolphin or a shark living in the ocean? Why?
  34. Pretend that you are visiting the very bottom of the ocean floor, and write about what you see, feel, and hear.
  35. Would you rather be a crab or a turtle living in the ocean? Why?

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