37 Writing Prompts About Vampires

Count Dracula is not the only vampire well known in literature. There are countless other examples to draw inspiration for our writing.

These writing prompts are great for use around Halloween and are also great fun anytime you want to break up some of the usual creative writing with something on the lighter side.

After all, these are prompts that your students should be able to sink their teeth into!

How to Use

A fun way to use these prompts would be to write them on bats and display them one way or another for students to choose from.

Or there are always the gummy fangs that could be used to pick prompts.

These are all prompts that any student should be able to write on, so have some fun. Go Batty!

Prompts to Salivate Over

  1. Write a story about a vampire and a werewolf.
  2. What other animal should a vampire change into besides a bat? Describe what would happen.
  3. Do you like vampires or some other mythological creature better?
  4. Describe what makes the best vampires?
  5. Who is the scariest vampire you can think of? Why did you pick them?
  6. Did you read Twilight? Was it believable to you? Why or why not?
  7. Describe the kind of vampire you would be.
  8. Do you think that vampires have a blood type that they prefer? Why? Which one?
  9. Do vampires only drink blood? What other kinds of vampires do you think there are?
  10. Start a vampire story: “It was a warm summer day, and no bats should be flying, except there could be one seen…”
  11. Write a story about a vampire who doesn’t like the taste of blood.
  12. Make up a story about a vampire and his best friend, the ghost.
  13. Write a story that tells why vampires are nocturnal.
  14. Create a vampire who is also an animal and write a story about them.
  15. Do you believe that vampires are real? Why or why not?
  16. Do you think there is a good reason for the creation of the vampire? 
  17. Why do we want to believe in things like vampires? Can you think of a good reason?
  18. Describe what the world would be like if everyone were vampires instead of regular humans.
  19. Write a story about a vampire’s perfect day.
  20. Discuss the scariest thing that you think of when someone says, vampire. Why is that scary to you?
  21. What is the importance of the vampire myth to society as a whole? What purpose does it serve?
  22. Write a story about vampires on vacation. Where would they go, and what would they do?
  23. Create a story about a place where vampires can go outside in the sunlight.
  24. Write about a vampire and his best friend, the werewolf.
  25. Are you a fan of vampire novels? What makes them so appealing to people?
  26. Why do you think that vampires need to turn into bats? Describe the motivation?
  27. Write the origin story of a vampire who wants to drink chocolate milk instead of blood.
  28. Describe what you would do if you met a vampire.
  29. Create a story about a vampire who only wanted to be loved.
  30. What kind of pet do you think a vampire would have? Why did you choose that pet?
  31. Do you think that vampires get lonely? Why?
  32. Write a story about a sensitive vampire who wants to be an artist.
  33. Rewrite a story and change the main character to a vampire. See how it ends up!
  34. What kind of place would you want to live in if you were a vampire?
  35. Do you believe that vampires can be good instead of evil? 
  36. Describe what it would be like if your grandma were a vampire.
  37. What would you do if all your friends were vampires, but you weren’t? Write a story about this scenario.

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