55 Writing Prompts for Middle School

One of the most important skills you’ll learn throughout your education is writing. It can help you analyze what you’ve learned and it can help you tap into your creative side.

We’ve put together a variety of prompts to help challenge yourself as a writer–and have fun in the process!

Using This Guide

As long as you’re writing, that’s all that matters. These lists are meant to be used in whatever way makes sense to each individual writer.

But if you need some help getting started, here are a few ideas:

  • Count the letters in your full name and use that number to pick your prompt.
  • Choose the prompt that seems like the biggest challenge first.
  • Set a goal to use one or two prompts every day for a week.

Here are the prompts:

  1. If you could choose a different name for yourself, what would it be? Why?
  2. Write a letter to yourself in ten years.
  3. Research a prominent woman in STEM and write an essay about her accomplishments.
  4. Write a limerick about your pet.
  5. Write a short story from the point of view of someone meeting you for the first time.
  6. What is your favorite book series? Why?
  7. Which is better: school uniforms or casual attire? Explain.
  8. Write a short story using the following words: botany, aloof, simple, guarded
  9. Do you prefer to watch the sun rise or set? Why?
  10. Who is the strongest person you know? Write an essay about them and why you admire them.
  11. Would you rather travel in time to the past or the future? Why?
  12. Do you believe that every person needs to attend college to succeed? Explain.
  13. Do you think sports should be separated by gender, or some other way? Explain.
  14. What kind of natural disaster scares you the most? Why?
  15. Write a how-to guide for your favorite sport or hobby.
  16. What are some ways that teenagers can protect themselves online?
  17. Compare and contrast mobile, PC, and console gaming. Which do you prefer? Why?
  18. Do you think humans have become too reliant on technology? Explain.
  19. Compare and contrast your favorite and least favorite school subjects.
  20. Finish this sentence with a short story: I held my breath as I tiptoed across the floor…
  21. Research and write an essay about an Olympic athlete.
  22. Do you prefer audio-books, physical books, or eBooks? Why?
  23. Write about the last time you felt let down by a friend.
  24. Write an acrostic poem using the word “vegetable”.
  25. If you could change one rule in your school, what would it be? Why?
  26. Write a short story about a lost sock trying to find its mate.
  27. Write in detail about the last concert or sporting event you attended.
  28. Do you believe that the voting age should be lowered? Explain.
  29. Who is your favorite superhero? What do you admire about them?
  30. Are school dress codes sexist and outdated? Explain.
  31. Should competitive gaming be considered a legitimate sport? Explain.
  32. Write an essay about a historical figure who shares your first name.
  33. What is feminism? Why is it important?
  34. Write a story that takes place on the beach.
  35. Create a new board game, and write the instructions.
  36. If you could have one superpower for a day, what would it be? Why?
  37. Write the story of how you met your best friend.
  38. Rewrite the ending of your least favorite book.
  39. How do you think slang changes the way we communicate with each other? Explain.
  40. Why is it important for students to be involved with the arts?
  41. Write a story from the point of view of your pet.
  42. Why do humans connect so deeply with music? Explain.
  43. Compare and contrast your favorite and least favorite season.
  44. Should homework be mandatory? Why?
  45. Do you think humans will ever live on another planet? What will life be like?
  46. Write a short biography of your favorite relative.
  47. Write a poem about a bee.
  48. Write an essay about the life of a historical artist.
  49. Write about the best birthday you’ve ever had.
  50. Create a hashtag that you feel fits your personality. Why does it suit you so well?
  51. Describe your favorite childhood book.
  52. What is your favorite music genre? Why?
  53. If you could create a film based on a historical event, which would you choose? Why?
  54. Write a haiku about your favorite food.
  55. Why is cultural appropriation harmful? How can we celebrate other cultures without appropriation?

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