33 Writing Prompts about Volcanoes

Mount St. Helens blew its top and captured the imagination and fear of Americans everywhere.

Of course, the destruction brought on by Mount St. Helens was nothing compared to the devastation of Krakatoa or the splendor of Vesuvius.

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27 Writing Prompts about Recycling

From the youngest possible age, we have always been taught to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

It’s the basic idea that there is a finite amount of supplies in the world, and we as humans are rapidly running through them. On top of that, as landfills run out of space and litter becomes more prevalent, we need to come to terms with, and answer for, humanity’s past recklessness.

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27 Writing Prompts about Wolves

Swift of foot paired with stealthy hunting skills, wolves have long been considered a dangerous predator.

They have been hunted for their warm fur. Ranchers have killed wolf packs to protect their cattle.

Many wolf species have been over-hunted and are now listed as endangered. They have been hunted until near extinction.

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37 Writing Prompts about the Zoo

A child can look into the eyes of a tiger when they go to a zoo and have a million thoughts go through their head.

How did the tiger get so strong? How did it end up in the zoo? Why is it striped?

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15 Writing Prompts about Fossils

The mysteries of ancient creatures can be brought out into the light through the fossils we dig up – or otherwise stumble across!

There is something quite primal about that connection through to beings that have long since disappeared from the face of the Earth.

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