21 Writing Prompts about Bees

On a bright summer day, you look out your window and notice several bees floating around some flowers that grow outside in your garden.

The bee hovers majestically around the flower’s colorful pedals. Its disproportionately small wings are moving so fast they blur, you can hardly tell they’re wings at all.

The large bodied insect lands gently on the face of the flower and begins shuffling around on its face.

Bees are incredibly fascinating little insects, so let’s use them as a source of inspiration for our writing!

Let’s dive in…

How to Use These Prompts:

There are a number of ways you could use or assign these prompts.

You could draw them at random, assign one per class period, or just match them with individual students based on interest.

Either way, I’m sure they will prove thought-provoking!

Writing Prompts about Bees:

  1. Bees’ bodies are incredibly interesting and different. Describe the physical characteristics of a honey bee.
  2. What is a compound eye and how does it help the honey bee?
  3. What role do bees play in pollination? Describe the various steps that make up the pollination process.
  4. Bees play an important role in pollination. How do bees transport pollen? Why is the transportation stage so important to the process of pollination?
  5. Explain the role of the queen in a bee colony.
  6. Name at least 10 different types of bees. Write about some similarities and differences between species of bees.
  7. What is a bee colony?
  8. How is a bee colony organized and in what roles do different groups serve?
  9. Explain the different stages in the life cycle of a honey bee.
  10. Watching a bee fly can be dazzling and perplexing, all those loops and curved lines. Describe how bees navigate during flight.
  11. If you have read anything about bee colonies, there is a lot of work being done. How do bees communicate?
  12. Many of us know bees for their delicious honey. How do bees make honey?
  13. How do humans benefit from bees and the process of pollination?
  14. How would the environment be altered if the bee population decreased?
  15. Bees play a small, but important role in how the natural world works. Explain the importance of bees to the ecosystem.
  16. Bees live in various environments across the world. Different environments change how bees organize and live. Identify three different species of bees and explain how their different environments change their patterns.
  17. Many of us think of bees living in a big hive, which some of them do. But bees don’t just build hives, though. Describe and compare nests made by different types of bees.
  18. Some people keep bees for the purpose of raising honey. Explain how people raise bees and what humans have to keep a successful colony.
  19. Bees react differently with different flowers. Explain the various flowers that bees interact with and the different purposes they serve.
  20. Bees interact with lots of other insects. Describe at least three different insects that bees interact and explain the nature of those interactions.
  21. How might bees help the environment in the future? If the population of bees increased, how could that be beneficial? On the same hand, how could it be problematic?

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