Best Notepads for Teachers

To pick the best teachers notepad for you (or as a gift for your teacher), choose what feature is most important:

  1. Compact notepad
  2. Giant notepad for easel or stand.
  3. Planner notepad.
  4. Personalized notepad.

We have listed the very best teachers notepads below for you in all these categories, all including really useful features – as well as some super fun designs that brighten up your day!

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Best Compact Notepad for Teachers

This fun yet extremely functional little notepad is just perfect for teachers needing to jot things down throughout each day, with neat sections to help keep clarity of the notes. Its bright and funky color scheme also keeps it from feeling at all boring.
Check it out on Amazon here.

Best Giant Notepad for Teachers

These jumbo notepads are great for all sorts of classroom activities like presenting ideas, brainstorming, or stepping the students through a thought process to name but a few. They’re well made by Post-It, the largest size they make at 30 x 25 inches, and fit a large easel or stand.
Check it out on Amazon here.

Best Notepad Planner for Teachers

With a beautiful design, and loads of useful and well thought out features, this extensive notepad planner is a great addition to your teaching toolkit! You can easily plan out your days, take notes, and see at a glance where you’re at. Highly recommended.
Check it out on Amazon here.

Best Personalized Notepad for Teachers

This is actually a set of 4 personalized notepads for a teacher – whether that is yourself, or someone you’re buying them for. Just provide the name (up to 18 characters on one line), and they’ll be custom printed for you on 4 different sized notepads, with the teachers name and a fun design on each.
Check it out on Amazon here.

Hopefully you’ve found this helpful while trying to choose which teachers notepad to buy, and if you’ve got any other suggestions or feedback do let us know!

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