16 Visual Writing Prompts

A picture says a thousand words, or so the saying goes more or less.

And there is something to that for sure – we all know it.

We have all experienced it – looking at a striking image which immediately conjures up a story in our mind.

So let’s take advantage of our extremely visual brains, and use a range of very different images to inspire the creative process, and get interesting unique stories started in no time at all!

Why use these?

However you find inspiration to write a story can be useful.

Visual prompts are fantastic to help spark a creative direction for a new story you or your students are writing.

As with any learned skill, the more time we put into the art of writing, the better we’ll become.

So, encourage writing every day, through the whole range of methods we’ve got here for you to use for free!

How to use these prompts:

  • Try going through the whole selection and seeing what strikes a chord with the aspiring writers in the room.
  • Print a small number of them, and distribute as challenges for your students.
  • Use 7 prompts for a weeks daily writing challenge.
  • Provide them all, and let your writers select the prompt that grabs them.

The point is – there is no hard and fast rule to inspiration.

And that’s just it after all, it’s all about getting inspired so that the story just flows directly out of the writers mind.

So let’s get into it.

UPDATE: You’ll also want to check out our latest collection of picture prompts – I just know you’ll love them.

Here are a selection I hope you’ll enjoy…

16 Visual Writing Prompts:

Cat Ride

  • Where did this cat come from?
  • What does it want?
  • Who wears a cat hat anyway?

Tree House Island

  • Trapped on an island?
  • How long have they been there?
  • How have they survived?

Kayak Trip Into The Unknown

  • Silently cutting through the water.
  • Totally isolated.
  • Where are they going?

Lake Swing Jump

  • What are the sounds you can hear?
  • How hot is the day?
  • What is going through their mind?

Dog In Disguise

  • Who is he hiding from?
  • How long has he worn a disguise?
  • When did it all start?

Hot Air Balloon Convoy

  • Where are they going?
  • Who is in them?
  • When will they land?

Waterfall Adventurer

  • Hero stands
  • What is behind the waterfall?
  • How long has it taken to find?

Monkey Guard

  • What is he guarding?
  • Where are the other monkeys?
  • How can you make friends?

Dog River Crossing

  • Who is he looking back at?
  • Why did he have to swim across the river?
  • When will he find what he is looking for?

Boy’s Jungle Hut

  • How far away are other people?
  • What has brought them out here by themselves?
  • When will they leave?

Awkward Swamp Bird

  • How did it end up like this?
  • What was it trying to do?
  • Which other animals are nearby?

Ancient Ruins

  • What is he hoping to find inside?
  • Who might he meet?
  • When is this happening?

Underwater Adventure

  • What have they found?
  • How did they get here?
  • Where are all the fish going?

Strange Little House

  • How did the little house end up here?
  • Where is their front door?
  • Who lives here?

Cow Close Up

  • Why is the cow so curious?
  • What happens next?
  • Who else is here?

Rock Climbing Escape

  • Where are they?
  • Why do they need to climb out of here?
  • How long have they been climbing?

Happy writing to you all

I hope you found our visual writing prompts inspiring for your creative writing.

UPDATE: Check out our latest collection of picture prompts to inspire creative writing.

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