35 Writing Prompts about Owls

Owls are magnificent creatures that fill our world with beauty and haunting sounds at night. With eyes that can see prey miles away and mighty wings, owls are interesting specimens to learn and write about, so let’s get started!

How to use these prompts:

Our writing prompts are a hoot! We have compiled this easy to use list of prompts to get you thinking and writing.

You can choose a prompt at random, or go down the list until you have written something for each one!

There is no wrong way to utilize this list of prompts, just write and have fun!

The prompts:

  1. Why do you think owls say “hoo” or “hoot”?
  2. Some owls can turn their necks in a full circle. Write a story where one morning you wake up and can turn your head in a circle.
  3. Owls are usually seen as symbols for wisdom. Why do you think that is?
  4. How many kinds of owls do you think there are in the world? How could you find out?
  5. What is your favorite thing about owls that you have learned so far?
  6. What happens when owls eat? How is it different from how humans eat?
  7. Pretend you are a nocturnal owl hunting for your food. Write a story about your adventures.
  8. How do you think owls have changed over the years?
  9. How are an owl’s eyes different from yours?
  10. Write a story about a day when you wake up with talons like an owl instead of hands and feet.
  11. If an owl could talk, what would it say? What would you ask it?
  12. What do you think owls eat? How do they feed themselves?
  13. Write a story about an owl who can only sleep during the nighttime.
  14. Pretend you are the first scientist to see an owl in the wild. Write about what you see and describe how you would tell your other scientists about your discovery.
  15. Write a story about how the word “owl” was invented.
  16. If you were an owl, where would you fly to first?
  17. What animal do you think is most closely related to owls?
  18. Have you ever seen an owl in real life? If you have, write about the experience, if not, make one up.
  19. Where do owls live? Describe what you think their nests look like.
  20. Pretend that owls can’t “hoot” anymore, and you are in charge of making up a new sound. What sound will they make and why?
  21. Pretend that owls turn into human beings. What is their personality like? Their appearance?
  22. If an owl had to wear clothes, what would they wear?
  23. Would you like to have an owl for a pet? Why or why not?
  24. How long do you think an owl can fly? Do they have to take breaks?
  25. Write about a night where all the owls in the world disappear.
  26. How have we learned so much about owls?
  27. Would you rather be an owl or a fish? Why?
  28. Write a story about an owl that has lost its way from its home and family.
  29. What can we learn from owls to better our lives as humans?
  30. How many owls do you think live in one tree?
  31. Why do you think some owls have many colors of feathers while others are all one color?
  32. Why do you think owls are nocturnal?
  33. Would you like to be nocturnal? How would that affect your life?
  34. Many spooky stories feature owls. Why do you think this is?
  35. Would you rather have an owl’s beak or talons? Why?

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