11 Writing Prompts about Food

Food plays a daily part in all our lives, and almost all of us have strong opinions on which foods we love – and which we can’t stand!

Today we’re looking at the topic of food as a very relatable and tangible subject of inspiration for our writing.

We’re going to delve into everything from our memories of our best meals, to thinking about what type of food supports us to be healthy and grow – and even letting our imagination loose, to think about some “what if” scenarios relating to food!

If you’re helping students get writing with these prompts, you shouldn’t have any difficulties there, as all kids have very strong opinions on the subject of food!

Let’s get started…

How you could use these:

You could keep it simple, and just select one specific prompt, and write a page on it.

Or, pick a random prompt and write all you can on it in 5 minutes.

If you’d like a real writing challenge, try a random prompt each day for a week – you’ll be an expert on writing about food by the end of it (and as with any skill, practice makes perfect – being able to write on any provided topic without hesitation is a great skill to hone).

Of course you may well have your own method of using the prompts to inspire your own writing, or that of your students. Have at it!

The prompts:

  1. Write about the best meal you ever had. What made it so good? Would you like that meal everyday?
  2. Do you enjoy different foods depending on what the weather is doing? What foods do you love on hot days versus on very cold days?
  3. What fruit do you enjoy the most, and why?
  4. What foods give you the most long lasting energy for a big race, or hiking up a mountain? Why?
  5. If you could only have one food for the rest of the year, what would it be?
  6. If you had to carry your own food for your one week trek into the wilderness, what would you take in your backpack?
  7. Do you enjoy making or helping prepare a meal? Why?
  8. If you had to look after younger siblings, what meals would you make for them each morning, lunch and dinner time?
  9. How much food do you think a world record holding strongman has to eat each day? Do they have to make sure they get lots of certain things? Why?
  10. Do you have a type of food you enjoy most when you are happy? Or sad? Why?
  11. Do you think pro athletes often have to think carefully about what sorts of foods they eat? Why?

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Matt & Hayley