11 Writing Prompts about Reading

From before I could read I enjoyed having stories read to me. But once I started reading from a very early age there was no stopping me!

Reading books transported me into other worlds and other times, taught me about the wonder of possibility, helped me improve my understanding of the English language, and more.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, and it’s something I’d love for our daughter to have as an interest as she learns to read as well.

Today we’re taking a look into how thinking about our relationship with reading can inspire our own writing.

Let’s dive in…

How to use:

There are a hundred ways to use writing prompts, and here are some suggestions…

Try picking out a random prompt each day for a week – write a few hundred words on your topic each day.

Take two prompts at random, and combine them into a cohesive written piece.

Read through the list of prompts until you hit one which jumps out at you, and get writing straight away!

The writing prompts about reading:

  1. What was the earliest book you read which you remember enjoying? What about it made it enjoyable?
  2. Reading books can transport us into different places, and even to different types of people or characters. Write about how this can change our views.
  3. Do you prefer reading a physical book, or on a screen like a Kindle or ipad? Why?
  4. Often a book will have more detail than a movie based on that book. Would you prefer to read the book first, or watch the movie first? Or only one of the two? Why?
  5. Science fiction stories often have elements that come true in the real world decades later. How do you think that happens? Is there anything in science fiction that you’ve read which you think will become a reality when you’re older?
  6. Do you think it helps to start reading from a young age? What will that early love of reading do for a person?
  7. How has reading fiction and non-fiction helped you in your life so far, and how will it help you into your future?
  8. Do you always finish reading a book you start? Why?
  9. Do you prefer reading a book yourself, or listening to the audio book version? Why?
  10. What is a book you plan to read, but haven’t yet? What made you add it to your reading list?
  11. Have you ever started reading a book which you didn’t find very interesting at first, but which captured your imagination the more you read of it? How do you think that happened?

Looking for more?

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Matt & Hayley