44 Back to School Writing Prompts

When the first bell of the school year rings, there is always going to be a mix of emotions from students.

Some will miss Summer, while others are excited to learn and see their friends.

Many will just want to get through the day.

No matter what, though, using writing prompts can help them for the year.

How to Use These Prompts:

Using a few of these back-to-school writing prompts will help to have students think about the school year and what’s important during the school year, while getting them back into the swing of things as a student.

After writing out their answers, it’s a good idea to move into groups to discuss answers, as this will open students to new ideas and ways of thinking.

The Back to School Prompts:

  1. Are you looking forward to the school year? Why or why not?
  2. What is your favorite subject in school? Why?
  3. Do you like going to school? Why or why not?
  4. How do you expect this year to be different from last year?
  5. If you could have one meal at the cafeteria every day for the entire year, which would it be? Why?
  6. Describe your perfect teacher.
  7. What do you want to learn this year?
  8. How could you make a new friend this year?
  9. What did you do over the summer?
  10. How many of your friends did you see over the summer?
  11. What is the first thing you want to do with your friends this year?
  12. Write down your goals for this school year, and why they’re important to you.
  13. What was your favorite thing about school last year? Why?
  14. How can you be the best student possible this year?
  15. What is your favorite time of the year, in terms of the school calendar? Why?
  16. How important is what you’re going to learn this year to your future in school? Why?
  17. How do you prepare for tests? Has this worked for you before?
  18. Do you like assemblies at school? Why or why not?
  19. What should you do to be prepared for the school year?
  20. What advice would you have given yourself at the start of last year? Why?
  21. What do you remember from last year? Do you think you should be able to remember more?
  22. How do you get to school? Do you like this method, or would you like another one?
  23. What after school activities do you do? Why do you like them?
  24. Is there anything else you want to do after school that you don’t normally?
  25. What is your approach to homework?
  26. Do you like taking art classes, like music and painting, or do you prefer classes like math and science? Why?
  27. People learn in different ways. Some are able to learn something by seeing it, others by doing it, while others can just read or hear something and learn it. Which are you? How do you know?
  28. Why is school important for children to go to?
  29. What do you think it would be like to start the year at a new school, where you don’t know anyone?
  30. Some people think that homework doesn’t help students actually learn anything new. Others think it’s important to help students excel in school. Which do you believe, and why?
  31. Do you think that schools should have set uniforms? Why or why not?
  32. Do you think the school year should be longer or shorter? Why?
  33. Do you think that teachers feel the same way students do on the first day of school? Why?
  34. Why would someone want to be a teacher?
  35. Are there ever things that you’re taught that you feel don’t matter? Why?
  36. Are you a better test taker or paper writer?
  37. Do you like doing group work? Why or why not?
  38. What do you want to be as an adult? How might you need what you’re learning in school help you then?
  39. Did you take a vacation this past summer?
  40. Why might you have a classroom party?
  41. Do you like watching movies in school? Why or why not?
  42. Why do you think that your classroom is decorated the way it is?
  43. Why is gym class important?
  44. How long should recess be? Why?

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