11 Writing Prompts about Love

Love is of course one of the strongest human emotions, and it touches all of us throughout our lives.

Whether it is the love of a parent for their child, or the love of a family pet, or the pain of love lost – any of us can point to a dozen moments or memories.

So let’s see how we (or our students) can unpack what love is all about in written form, from a wide variety of angles!

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15 Star Wars Writing Prompts

For millions of fans around the World, the Star Wars franchise captures the imagination like nothing else.

Good vs evil.

Light vs dark.

Deeply woven story lines and character development – and of course the wonderfully rich universe full of every imaginable type of species, planet, technology, and more.

It’s little wonder then that this is a topic which can draw our students into writing like few others.

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15 Earth Day Writing Prompts

On April 22 each year something special happens around the whole World.

People of all walks of life, all ages, and all beliefs put aside their differences to help show support for environmental protection.

What could be a better cause to celebrate and educate about in our classes than one which fosters understanding about the challenges humanity faces, and encourages being thoughtful about how we can each make a difference.

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15 Bullying Writing Prompts

While it is a contentious topic, as teachers we’re all aware that bullies exist, and to varying degrees cast a shadow of negative experiences over most school systems around the country, and the world.

In my view it can help to raise awareness of what bullying is about at it’s core, shining a light on it and giving kids the ability to talk about and understand what might otherwise be a mystifying or upsetting topic for them.

Today I’ve written 15 prompts which should help your class write about or discuss the topic of bullying.

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13 Pirate Writing Prompts

There are few types of characters which capture the attention of a child more than a fearsome pirate.

Today we’re going to use this to our advantage, and inspire some creative writing from our students with a collection of pirate themed prompts which I’ve just whipped up.

The nice thing about the pirate topic is that we can encourage writing not only about swashbuckling pirates themselves, but also all the associated topics, from the sea, to historical towns, mystery, and everything in between.

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19 Friendship Writing Prompts

Friends play a powerful role in all of our lives, from a very young age.

Without any prompting, it’s more than likely that friendship will feature in many students writing naturally too.

But how can we encourage kids in our classes to be more thoughtful about all aspects of friendship, and consider the subject more deeply than a mention of a friend as part of a story?

Today I’ve written some prompts which should help get some interesting discussion and writing exercises going with your students.

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17 Space Writing Prompts

Today I’ve written a range of prompts around the topic of space, which I’m sure will help get the creative writing flowing.

A popular subject for students of most ages, imagining (and trying to comprehend) what goes on in the vastness of space can be a powerful trigger for the imagination.

So let’s dig in to how it can help, and get started using prompts about space to inspire fantastic writing.

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25 Christmas Writing Prompts

The holiday season means different things to different people, but for many of us Christmas is a time to celebrate with family.

We’ve got many different Christmas traditions, and of course there is the giving of gifts that is always a highlight.

Unsurprisingly, Christmas is especially exciting for children, and it can be a great topic to get even reluctant writers to start expressing themselves.

Today we’ve got 25 Christmas themed writing prompts to help them explore what this holiday means to them, what is most important, and think about the various traditions involved in this time of year. And if that isn’t enough, try our writing prompts about winter and see how those go!

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13 Dystopian Writing Prompts

While most suited to older students or writers looking for a dark yet thought provoking topic, dystopian stories can be a rich area to explore.

Often involving troubling subject matter such as authoritarian government control of the population or devastating climate damage, these stories can be great tools to look at what could happen in the future if people are not mindful of the direction society is taking.

So today we have a variety of darkly dystopian prompts to get your creative (and thoughtful) writing juices flowing…

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