37 Writing Prompts about the Zoo

A child can look into the eyes of a tiger when they go to a zoo and have a million thoughts go through their head.

How did the tiger get so strong? How did it end up in the zoo? Why is it striped?

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15 Writing Prompts about Fossils

The mysteries of ancient creatures can be brought out into the light through the fossils we dig up – or otherwise stumble across!

There is something quite primal about that connection through to beings that have long since disappeared from the face of the Earth.

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15 Writing Prompts about being Brave

Staring at a blank page can be daunting. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old school notepad or a shiny computer screen.

The simple act of capturing that first word, sentence, and paragraph can take an amazing amount of fortitude and courage. 

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14 Writing Prompts about Childhood

Whether we are still in the midst of our childhood, or just thinking back to it, there is no denying that this phase of our lives helps shape our view of who we are, and what our place in the world is.

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