31 Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids

Gratitude is an important attribute, or virtue. The meaning of gratitude can be different from person to person, but typically it means being grateful and appreciating what you have in that given moment.

Gratitude is that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you appreciate the good things around you.

Because we are so grateful for readers and writers like you, we have compiled this list of writing prompts all about gratitude! 😉

How to use these prompts:

What is great about writing prompts is that there is no right or wrong way to use them! All you have to do is pick a prompt that is interesting to you and start writing your thoughts! Our prompts are aimed to get you thinking, then writing! Let’s get started.

The prompts:

  1. How can you express gratitude? (Examples: saying thank you, writing it down, taking care of your surroundings)
  2. What are you grateful for?
  3. Where do you think the word grateful comes from?
  4. What could you do to be more grateful?
  5. Tell a story about a time you were ungrateful.
  6. Tell a story where you expressed gratitude.
  7. Why do you think it is spelled grateful and not great full?
  8. Is gratitude something you are born with or learned?
  9. Write about three things you’re grateful for and why.
  10. What is a scene from a book or movie where a character expresses gratitude? How did they do it and why?
  11. Pick a classmate and write about why you’re grateful for them.
  12. Write a letter to your teacher telling them why you’re grateful for them.
  13. What could you be more grateful for?
  14. Write about the different ways that you express gratitude. Do you give gifts, say kind words, or quietly reflect to yourself?
  15. Why is gratitude important to you?
  16. Do you notice when other people are grateful? Does it make you want to be more appreciative?
  17. There is a saying, “always have an attitude of gratitude.” Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  18. Thanksgiving is usually thought of as a time to be grateful. If you were at a Thanksgiving dinner being asked what you are thankful for, what would you say?
  19. What would it be like if no one expressed gratitude? Write about what you experienced that day.
  20. Do you notice when other people are grateful? What do they do?
  21. Do you notice when other people are not grateful? (Example: not saying thank you when someone does a favor for you)
  22. Why do you think it is important to be grateful?
  23. Write about the most grateful person you know. How do you know they are grateful, what do they do to express it?
  24. Pick one thing you are very grateful for (like your family, friends or a favorite game), and write about why it is important to you.
  25. Write a story about Gary the Grateful Goose and what he encounters on his daily adventures to thank everyone that he encounters.
  26. Is being grateful just saying “thank you”? Why or why not?
  27. If gratitude was a person, what would they be like? How would they treat you?
  28. Which food item are you most grateful for?
  29. Which teacher are you most grateful for? Why?
  30. How does being grateful make you feel? (Happy, full of hope, excited, etc.)
  31. Do one random act of kindness to express your gratitude today and write about it.

Looking for more?

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