13 Pirate Writing Prompts

There are few types of characters which capture the attention of a child more than a fearsome pirate.

Today we’re going to use this to our advantage, and inspire some creative writing from our students with a collection of pirate themed prompts which I’ve just whipped up.

The nice thing about the pirate topic is that we can encourage writing not only about swashbuckling pirates themselves, but also all the associated topics, from the sea, to historical towns, mystery, and everything in between.

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19 Friendship Writing Prompts

Friends play a powerful role in all of our lives, from a very young age.

Without any prompting, it’s more than likely that friendship will feature in many students writing naturally too.

But how can we encourage kids in our classes to be more thoughtful about all aspects of friendship, and consider the subject more deeply than a mention of a friend as part of a story?

Today I’ve written some prompts which should help get some interesting discussion and writing exercises going with your students.

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17 Space Writing Prompts

Today I’ve written a range of prompts around the topic of space, which I’m sure will help get the creative writing flowing.

A popular subject for students of most ages, imagining (and trying to comprehend) what goes on in the vastness of space can be a powerful trigger for the imagination.

So let’s dig in to how it can help, and get started using prompts about space to inspire fantastic writing.

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25 Christmas Writing Prompts

The holiday season means different things to different people, but for many of us Christmas is a time to celebrate with family.

We’ve got many different Christmas traditions, and of course there is the giving of gifts that is always a highlight.

Unsurprisingly, Christmas is especially exciting for children, and it can be a great topic to get even reluctant writers to start expressing themselves.

Today we’ve got 25 Christmas themed writing prompts to help them explore what this holiday means to them, what is most important, and think about the various traditions involved in this time of year. And if that isn’t enough, try our writing prompts about winter and see how those go!

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13 Dystopian Writing Prompts

While most suited to older students or writers looking for a dark yet thought provoking topic, dystopian stories can be a rich area to explore.

Often involving troubling subject matter such as authoritarian government control of the population or devastating climate damage, these stories can be great tools to look at what could happen in the future if people are not mindful of the direction society is taking.

So today we have a variety of darkly dystopian prompts to get your creative (and thoughtful) writing juices flowing…

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102 One Word Writing Prompts

The mind.

The creative muse.

The universe.

Whatever you believe helps you to be creative and write a story that takes the reader on a journey, let’s give it a helping hand – through just a single word.

Let’s use one single word to spark the imagination, and let creativity take over.

One word not enough to trigger your creative writing?

Ok, fine. How about 102 in quick succession?!

I’ll eat my hat if that doesn’t activate your neurons enough to get a concept for a story bubbling to the surface.

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19 Mystery Story Ideas

How could it be?

There was no explaining the strange events of that stormy night.

I bet you’re curious to know what happens next, and what this is all about? You wouldn’t be the only one – and for good reason!

A mystery has the power to capture peoples attention. It is well suited to weaving complex plots and sudden twists and turns to it’s storyline.

Writing a mystery can be a challenging and rewarding creative endeavour, for young and old alike.

So here are 19 story ideas for your next mystery, to help build those writing skills!

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47 Second Grade Writing Prompts

It’s time to give your 2nd grade students a heaping helping of enthusiasm for writing.

Or for getting a great class discussion going for that matter.

However you choose to use them, there is no doubt that writing prompts can be extremely effective for most ages during schooling in the classroom or at home, and today we’re focusing on the 2nd grade.

So let’s dig into this a little further…

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42 First Grade Writing Prompts

Never underestimate the power of a good story.

And while that is certainly true when it comes to encouraging children to read more, and consequently develop their reading ability – it is no less true when we are wanting to help students develop their writing skills.

In fact, for many kids, writing a story is one of the most enjoyable activities they take part in at school, and I’ve always tried to lean into this in my classes.

But how can we help ensure every student in the class is going to use their imagination and write a story to share?

Today we’re going to look at using writing prompts to do just that!

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17 Superhero Writing Prompts

Capturing the attention of a writers creativity, so that a story starts to weave its way into existence is a wonderful thing.

Consider a superhero, whether with fantastic powers beyond human ability, or simply an extraordinary character with a driving force to their actions.

Yes, the superhero is a concept enough to grab the attention of even the most reluctant writers!

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